”There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

Victor Hugo

Join us and get the TAC-label!

It is still not too late! Join us in taking the lead in changing the world for the better, together we can make a change. Getting our TAC-label is an opportunity you cannot miss, where your company or organization clearly shows that you are  working for long-term leadership that includes justice and veganism.

We offer you a tailor made program that includes upgrading your brand and making it more impactful and compassionate. Working with us in this regard can help you to level up both your impact and your brand. It is more important than ever that good and constructive forces stick together and with our logo we want to inspire change and transformation towards a more compassionate world.

Join us today for the revolutionary change that needs to be done!

Your next team building can be plant based!

Many companies want to live as they preach and sometimes we need to get to the core why and how we are doing things. The Art of Compassion offers fun vegan team building in different scales that both inspire and provide knowledge about how veganism can be an important tool to create a more sustainable world on all levels. We can offer lectures, cooking, inspiration, artists and experts that can help us find the values the company wants to stand for.

All our events are tailor made and we can also offer the events to go public in social media, on your website, in our podcast and in our YouTube channel if you like the event to be part of a PR-strategy towards the public.

Become one of the leading trendsetters!

Veganism is the biggest social movement of our time! We help you to introduce veganism and the impact it has on society on all levels. It is about awareness and promoting veganism can be both glamorous and profitable.

The Art of Compassion loves to make your next event Beautiful! Fun! Interesting! Sparkling! Sustainable! Transforming!

For farmers:

Are you longing for a more sustainable AND a more profitable way of farming, but you don’t know how?

We work together with leading people in the transition movement worldwide, and can offer advice and project management in the process forward, with a global network of people that have done the transition already.

One big part of our goal as consultants is transforming animal agriculture into compassionate and sustainable farming that is purely plant based. Contact us for more information!

Workshops & lectures

We organize workshops and lectures about a sustainable food system, veganism and animal agriculture. We have a global network with different experties in the field. Please get in contact with us.

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