Restore Nature & Humanity

Restore Nature

”Let’s make this greatest transformation in human history happen sooner rather than later. Eat plants. Plant trees. Love animals. Heal the planet.” 

Sailesh Rao

We want to be restorers, of this beautiful planet. We believe that we humans are here to heal what we have destroyed during generations. We are not just consumers or stressful beings trying to cope through another day; we all have the power to heal and restore. But this requires a whole new way of thinking and living our lives.   

The word for war in Sanskrit is Gavisti, and can literally be translated into ”The desire for more cows”.

And maybe that is what we humans have created?  Natural disasters, mass extinction of species, deforestation, temperature rises, rising sea levels, insect deaths, pandemics have all become part of life on this planet.

If we do not make drastic changes, the development will lead us into a catastrophe, literally. The lack of food and water that comes with it, will lead to conflicts.

We live in a time when a new way of viewing the world is required. All living inhabitants on this planet are needed and calling us, and our mission is to help transmute that change into action.

Let’s make something beautiful together!

Restore Humanity

We are facing many challenges today in our world, both globally and in our personal life. Global warming, wars, pandemics, financial crises, poverty, loss of habitats, deforestation and an alarming global situation. But maybe also personal fear linked to our lives, materialism, conflicts, stress, addictions, loss, insecurity and trauma, just to mention a few things. 

We have accumulated a lot of knowledge as humans, we have come far, we live in a super-materialistic time where we can get almost anything we want, if we have the resources. But to be able to tackle the challenges of our time, something more is required: Wisdom. We need to quiet our minds and listen to that voice we all have inside us. Why are we born and what is our purpose?

The game is changing more and more on earth, and in that journey we like to be part and be game changers. The future is born in the present. And it is time for transformation.  

We as The Art of Compassion want to inspire and be a compassionate wake up call, because we believe that all of us are here on earth for a reason and we all have something to contribute towards a better and kinder world.

Restoring humanity is to find our true purpose in life, and contribute to this world in a purposeful way. We believe we all are here to restore this planet. Science and spirituality needs to be combined again.

With lectures, interviews, workshops and inspiring talks, we want to work together to restore wisdom and compassion and love.

Consultation for companies and organizations

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Transition program: We collaborate with a worldwide network towards a vegan world.

CSR: We inspire companies to include animal ethics in their work as this is a key for a sustainable future.

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