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There is something about stories… They are healing in some way, both for the storyteller and the listener.
Could it be that by creating greater knowledge about each other’s lives, we can increase the empathy in our society and thereby contribute to more peace on earth? I do believe that.
One thing is clear: there is a link between all of us and we all long for the same thing: to be happy.
In fascinating life stories and interviews, we let people in all parts of society share their story. How can we create close and genuine relationships with ourselves and others?
This is a pod that wants to inspire towards more awareness, compassion and love in our lives.
Welcome to The Link!

Ilse Supply


#5 • Maja Theorin

Maja’s son Frans, was born deaf and blind (one eye and completely deaf). He also has CP damage and autism. How is it possible to find the way forward in the middle of the chaos? How do you communicate with your child who is neither hearing or seeing? What is the point of all this and how do you find your way back to your own strength and joy?

Maja Theorin has an education as a radio journalist, project manager and communication strategist. By sharing her life story, she wants to create a greater understanding in all of us and support those who are in the same situation. She even hopes to be able to create change for others. Maja talks about human dignity, about the importance of a generous interaction and about a lost art: the communication that takes place in the space between.

The episode is in Swedish.

The Link podcast · The Link #5 Maja Theorin

#4 • Marie Boregrim & Martin Ström

Are you one of those 65 percent who are willing to give up a pay rise to get their boss fired?

Marie Boregrim and Martin Ström (Co-author of the international bestseller The Mind of the Leader) talk about the qualities that are fundamental in a modern successful leadership.

The episode is in Swedish.

#3 • Wim Smets

How can you instantly distinguish an experienced from an inexperienced mountaineer?

The answer is: the size of her or his backpack. An experienced alpinist puts in the backpack only what is most likely to be used. Then the chance of success is much greater. This also applies to the ”backpack in our life”.

Wim Smets is from Belgium and works as a transformation manager. He has climbed five mountains over 8000 m, including Mount Everest. Everything he has learned during his mountain expeditions, he today also uses in his job as a transformation consultant.

A conversation about leadership, about managing change and about how to make yourself agile and resilient.

The episode is in English.

#2 • Markus Torgeby

In the middle of the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, I meet Markus Torgeby: the runner from Öckerö and the author of The Runner and Under the open skies; he who has inspired me to sleep in the open air.

As a 20 year old, he chose to leave everything and live alone in a hut in the middle of the forest in Jämtland. For 4 years he lived there and today he wants to share what he has learned from the loneliness in the middle of the forest.

An inspiring conversation about the importance for all of us to slow down – is that even possible in our modern hectic lives today?

The episode is in Swedish.

#1 • Lotta & PK Mahanandia

An incredible but true story about two people, who come from two completely different worlds. He was born of a lower casteless in the Indian jungle. She was a blond, Swedish aristocratic woman. This is the story of the invincible and universal power of love. Welcome to The Link!

The episode is in Swedish.

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